Lady Chatterley’s Lover (SOLD)

Lady Chatterly's Lover.Title: Lady Chatterley’s Lover

16 x 12 Inches

Oil on Board

Isherwood is know for his Wigan people paintings plus his landscapes and seascapes etc, but he is also know for some more unusual subjects, such as this. If there was anything to catch his attention, it was something that was a talking point. Subjects such as these don’t come onto the market very often, so this is a very good opportunity to have a bid for something so rare.

The lovers have been captured with great skill, the colours and the brush strokes all add up to make this a great painting.

The artist has scribed his signature into the oil paint in the bottom right hand corner along with ‘Lady C’ and the date when the painting was done, 1961.

If you are looking for something by Isherwood which is a bit different, then this might be just for you. It is classic Isherwood in respect of the style, colours, signature and a very clearly painted signature, title and date on the rear.