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Steve Eckersley with his BookThe launch of the re-published profusely illustrated book on J Lawrence Isherwood was accompanied by a show of excellent oil paintings.
The first 250 copies of the book in hardback found ready buyers, and author Steve Eckersley (right) decided on a re-print in soft back (also 250 copies).
The launch was fixed for the evening of Friday 22nd March 2013, but very heavy snow resulted in a low-key event. But on Saturday, collectors and Isherwood enthusiasts turned up. One collector travelled from the south of England.
Steve and Dave Myers, who was involved in the design of the book, agreed  that the Wigan artist is on the up and up, and at the weekend show, pictures ranged from £400 to over £3500.
Pictures At The ExhibitionWriter Stephen said : “I’d always known about the work of Isherwood and knew he led his life on a roller coaster. Eventually I decided that a book on his amazing life and work was needed and altogether it took me three years to complete it.
The artist’s sister-in-law Molly Isherwood said: “Jim Isherwood was true to himself but was often at odds with the world. He could charm the birds from the trees or be absolutely vitriolic. He made friends and lost friends. Most people in Wigan laughed at his paintings and told him to get a proper job.
“Controversy followed him throughout his life – and a lot of it was of his own making.
“But at the back of all this were the thousands of amazing paintings. Ishewood copied nobody. His style was his own and the book with its hundreds of coloured illustrations is magnificent. We could not have wished for better.”
Isherwood’s distinctive oil paintings range from his native Lancashire, throughout the country and abroad.

The book is priced at £30. It can be ordered by contacting David Myers at

Or from the following outlets…

The Lowry Centre

Colourfield Gallery, Poynton.

Standish Antiques

Framed-Up, Pemberton