Montgomery Print On TV


mike-melody-with-the-montgomery-printA signed print of Field Marshal Montgomery of Alamein and painted by J Lawrence Isherwood  was featured on “Dickinson’s Real Deal” TV show from Lancaster, screened on 14th May 2010.
The large print – one of a limited edition of just 75 – was bought almost 30 years ago for £300. Amazingly, when antiques dealer Mike Melody offered the seller  exactly the same amount he’d originally paid, the gentleman took it.
Mr Melody – known to be an Isherwood fan – may have tipped up more if the seller had been more pushy and confident. But it seems he was satisfied just to get his original payment back.
Both Montgomery and Isherwood signed in pencil. It is understood that the limited edition print was produced by the Whitefield, Manchester, art dealer Henry Donn, who was also responsible for several Lowry signed limited editions. One was “The Level Crossing.”
Isherwood completed the painting of Field Marshal Mongomery of Alamein  and in 1970 – and as seen here, the work of art is full of character and action. The whereabouts of the original is unknown
Mr Melody told viewers that Isherwood’s work is becoming more and more popular and after shaking hands on the deal, said he would not be selling the signed print but keeping it on his wall at home.