Isherwood – The Auction Record

dartmoorIsherwood works had been increasing in value since his death. But no-one could have predicted a happening in a Chester auction house in the summer of 2007.
On 13th of June, a number of paintings by the artist were auctioned and interest was high but few could have known that one of the Isherwood’s on display would set a new auction record.
Lot 845 at Bonham’s was a painting entitled “Dartmoor.”
The bidding began quite low but over the next couple of minutes rose through the thousands. The hammer went down at £6.200. With auction house charges and vat, the new buyer paid £7,200.
A round of applause went round the room and Bonham’s were quick to issue a press  statement on the new auction record.
The catalogue said the Dartmoor painting had been featured on a British postage stamp. That information was incorrect.
The buyer remains anonymous.
Other Isherwood’s sold that day include:
Old Wigan   £900
Wigan Shawl  £2,300
Wigan Rain   £3,300
Southport Sun  £1,250
St Mary’s, Oxford  £800
Muriel Douglas  £500
Pump Court, York  £1,250
In 2010, an  oil painting of a view down Wigan Lane changed hands for £5,000, and a small, colourful drawing of poppies for £1,000. A private collector paid in excess of £8000 for an Isherwood in 2011, details of which have been requested to be kept private.
One can only imagine what the great man himself would think.