Isherwood’s on Dickinson’s Real Deal



“That’s a bobby dazzler” said tanned David Dickinson of an Isherwood painting when his show “Dickinson’s Real Deal” came to Wigan.
The afternoon TV show, watched by millions, invited Isherwood expert Geoffrey Shryhane to appear on the programme to talk about his memories of Jim Isherwood.
And David concluded that the three paintings show  were the artist’s best work and singled out one for particular praise.
The painting was “Greenhough Street – the Roughest Street in Wigan”  which he thought was an iconic piece of art.
And dealer Mike Melody said: “There’s no doubt. Isherwood will still be collected when we are all dead and gone.”
David was delighted to meet Molly Isherwood, who, since her brother-in-law’s death 21 years ago has seen that his work has been brought to the attention of art lovers and is more than delighted that his best paintings are now commanding thousands.
Hundreds queues to see the Dickinson’s Real Deal experts at the Robin Park Sports Centre and at least five took in Isherwood works. Mike Melody bought one of Wigan Rain Figures in blues and whites.david-dickinson-with-geoff-shryhane-and-molly-isherwood
Shryhane told David Dickinson about Isherwood’s early life, about his rejection by Wiganers who didn’t understand his paintings. There were also stories of success – and how many hundreds of paintings at Isherwood’s home on Wigan Lane have found eager and ready buyers in several sell-out exhibitions.
David homes in on the “Greenhough Street” painting and said heaped praise on the work of art which was a hymn of praise to the working class folks of Wigan.
Later Molly Isherwood said: “It is good that the hour-long show, which I understand will be transmitted in the autumn, homed in to Make my brother-in-law one of their chief items. You can’t separate Isherwood and Wigan. Jim just wanted local people to appreciate his works of art but this didn’t happen in his  lifetime. He was, as I’ve said before, laughed at and rejected. But now he has a distinct following with keen collectors all over the country.
“Alas the days have gone when you could get a great painting for a handful of five pound notes. I am so gratified he is now recognised.”

The episode was shown on ITV 1st November 2010 and repeated 10th January 2012.

An older episode showing dealer Mike Melody buying a figures painting was repeated 1st March 2012