The book that never was


Isherwood always told people he was writing a book about his life and his art. He made notes but a final book never graced any bookshelf.
Amongst his papers – which were finally sorted years after his death – Isherwood’s book notes emerged; and like the man himself they were scrappy and a little confused.
Here, reproduced word for word, are his notes, which he began following the death of his devoted Mother Lily.img414


My Book

Model Midge the CHIMP.

First car in 1926 Rover £2/10/- changed 1945 for a Humber coming back from Blackpool. £90.

Started Wigan Art Society 1952 for Rotary Club – Drill Hall, then 1957. Mother LILY  wrote blurb for catalogue.


 1 – Bricklayers Arms, Scholes.
2 -  Memomatics  (A shop with fruit machines)  1954). Age 37 birthday. Upstairs Wigan Rugby. Packed downstairs. Handcard from Scholes to there.
3 -  Chorley. Len Fairclough opens it. He (Len Fairclough) sees a  man  for article – who sees man in London to get it (show) on.

POP GOES. Pop dies 1955.

London shows from 1955 to 1967.

Awarded Silver Medal, ITALY.

1970: Memomatics (show) August 22 to September 1970.

1971: Mother Lily in Hospital Feb 4. Died July 25. Torquay 2 months?

1972: Southport? Scarisbrick People in kitchen.

1973: Show at Bottle and Glass. BBC TV starts (documentary) Van finished at Gordon’s (his brother) Steering goes.

1974: Gallery Salford  “I AM ISHERWOOD” film shown. Hospital August 4. Operation October.

1975: Hospital out February 2 (or 4) To Scarisbrick Hotel. Show March in Hotel. Show at Salford University.

1976: Malta Show.

1977 – 1978 – Blank.
1979: Open Isherwood Suite (at Scarisbrick Hotel on  March 1. Hospital March 29.

1980: Wales. January to April. Spain three months. Southport Picasso Suite. October 4 and now Nardia (a friend’s) birthday.

The notes then drift away from the book idea