Oil On Board


Isherwood painted most of his works of art on board. As collectors know, the quality hardboard used by the artist has stood the test of time. Even works on board from the 1950s are still perfect.
But now, artbyisherwood has found documentation revealing just who supplied the hardboard.
ernest-brown1Susan Corner tells that Jim Isherwood bought his boards from her father, Ernest Brown, pictured right, who ran E and F Brown, a hardware shop at 328 Gidlow Lane, Wigan (now the premises of a dentist.),
Susan recalls: “Every two or three weeks, my father got a call from Lawrence and if I took the phone, I would always have pen and paper ready. The majority of the orders were for hardboard which my dad used to cut to size using his circular saw. Many of the sizes wanted were quite obscure eg. 14 sheets of twenty three and five eights inches by nineteen and three quarters inches and five sheets of fourteen and three eights inches by sixteen and a half  inches, etc”.
“Of course, I can’t remember the exact sizes. My dad used to deliver the order to Lawrence’s home on Wigan Lane – and occasionally he paid his bill in full, but at other times Lawrence used to walk down to the shop and pay his bill with some of his paintings”.
“Sadly my dad died in 1985. Now I can’t help wondering about the value of all those sheets of hardboard he cut to size for Lawrence and what the collective value would be”.
A wonderful memory.