Turnpike Gallery Exhibition


molly-isherwood-left-with-john-higham-and-family1Wine glasses clinked and coffee flowed when the exhibition of 60 superb Isherwood paintings opened a the purpose-built Turnpike Gallery in Leigh on Saturday 7th November 2009.
And in addition to many admirers, the show was also graced with the attendance of Molly Isherwood, the artist’s sister-in-law who has done so much to promote the paintings since Jim Isherwood’s death in 1989.
The paintings were collected by Wigan florist Billy Higham, who died aged 91 last yearimg_0583.
They have been exhibited by his nephew John Higham who was there to greet visitors, along with his wife Joyceimg_0611.
The paintings were put on show at the Turnpike until the first week of the new year and the show has been brilliantly organised by the gallery’s Martin Lucas.
Here, by special permission of John Higham, is selection of works.img_0580
Isherwood book author, Steve Eckersley, gave a talk on the artist at the gallery on Wednesday 11th November.
The exhibition was very well attended and some people thought it would be a  good idea to have a permanent Isherwood presence at the gallery.