The painter painted


A superb naive painting of Jim Isherwood has been completed by former Wigan antiques dealer Jimmy Collins.
Jimmy is more than familiar with Isherwood’s work – the artist used to call at his premises on Wigan Lane to show his latest works of art. In fact, years ago, when dealing with house clearances, Jimmy sometimes found Isherwood paintings and these were sent to America with items of furniture.
“Sometimes I wished I’d kept the Isherwood works” he said. “But life was hectic and busy and in those days, Jim Isherwood was something of a figure of fun.”
jimmywithhispaintingofisherwoodJimmy has followed the artist’s rise to national fame with interest.
Now retired from the world of antiques and with time on his hands, he has rekindled his interest in art. Years ago when he was at school in the south, he won a top prize for art.
For the last handful of years, he has spent his winter evenings creating original and sometimes surreal works of art and was more than happy to capture the image of Isherwood on canvas.
The artist’s family is delighted with the work and hope it will be on display when Isherwood’s works are next on display.
Jimmy is a little disappointed that Wigan Council did not amass an Isherwood collection, as did Salford with Lowry.

Sadly, Jimmy passed away in April 2013.